iOS 16.4.1 has a very special update (iPhone #18 news)

iOS 16.4.1 has a very special update (iPhone #18 news)

Apple released a special update this week with iOS 16.4.1 and these passwords should definitely not be used. This is the biggest Apple and iPhone news of the week!

Read on after the announcement.

iOS 16.4.1 has a special update

Apple releases regular updates for iPhone and iPad. This time it is a small update to iOS 16.4, but it is a very special update. Apple used the Quick Security service for the first time.

This means that iOS 16.4.1 contains important security updates for your iPhone. Install the update quickly!

This is how to make your iPhone safe again

Most Popular Passwords of 2022: Definitely Don’t Use Them

The list of the most popular passwords for 2022 is published! The researchers collected the two hundred most used passwords in the past year. Note: Most passwords can be cracked within 1 second.

Do you doubt whether your passwords are strong enough? Then quickly check this list, so you can be sure your digital environment is secure.

→ Are my passwords strong?

iOS 17: The Wallet and Health app is much improved

Apple is said to be revamping several apps in iOS 17, including the Wallet and Health app. Apps get a number of useful new functions in the iOS update.

The first concepts of renewable applications have now emerged. We tell you what the new apps will look like and what innovations are!

This is what Wallet and Health looks like in iOS 17

Best iPhone headphones in 2023: Our top 3

If you’re looking for good headphones for your iPhone (and don’t really want earbuds), you’ll soon end up with the AirPods Max. But is this also the best option? Not necessarily, but which are the must-have headphones in 2023?

That’s why we’ve compared three of the best headphones of the moment. Any headphones in the top three are a good choice, but which of the three is really the best?

These are the best headphones in 2023!

This feature will soon make AirTags even more secure

Since the initial release of AirTags, Apple has done a lot to prevent tracking as much as possible. To make the chase more difficult, Google and Apple will do better together. The companies have now submitted specifications that will soon apply to all trackers.

Other companies have already expressed their willingness to support the new specifications. Are you wondering if your tracker will be supported soon? Then read quickly.

These trackers will soon be recognized by your iPhone

“iPadOS 17 brings great new features” — and a very special one

Next month is today, because then we will see the first official appearance of iPadOS 17 during WWDC 2023. So it was only a short while before the announcement of the new update for the iPad.

Thanks to rumors, we now know that iPadOS 17 will be getting some really cool new features, including a very special one. We’ll tell you which one it is!

So what is the job?

New firmware for AirPods – This is how you check if you have the update

For almost all AirPods models, Apple has released a new firmware update. It often only becomes clear after a while what exactly changes with the new firmware, but it’s almost always bug fixes and other improvements.

Sometimes, the firmware is not automatically installed on your AirPods. So it’s worth checking if your earphones are completely intact Until now We are. That’s how you do it.

This is how you check your AirPods firmware

Watch F1 for free: Watch the Miami Grand Prix and more for free

That weekend is today, because then you can enjoy a few days of Formula 1 between May 5th and 7th. Max Verstappen and his rivals can then be found in Miami.

Normally you would have to rummage through your pockets to watch the F1 Miami Grand Prix this weekend, but now there is a way to watch for free. You get one week free subscription to watch Formula 1 on F1 TV-Pro. We explain how to get this free subscription!

Free Formula 1? That sounds good!

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