‘Grim Reaper’ at Charles Coronation goes viral, who was that person? | Coronation of King Charles

'Grim Reaper' at Charles Coronation goes viral, who was that person?  |  Coronation of King Charles

with videoA background detail caused merriment at King Charles’ coronation in London on Saturday. While Westminster Abbey was filled for celebration, before the eyes of millions of TV viewers, someone who looked very much like the Grim Reaper suddenly appeared. Who was this person?

Charles’ coronation on Saturday is like a four-second episode of an animated series Family man. In it, the characters who die are always chosen by the personification of death, the Grim Reaper. Although the coronation figure did not have skeletal hands, the black robe, ominous gait, and sickle-like staff were unmistakably reminiscent of him.

It also didn’t help grim reaperAs he is called in English, he walked past the church door as if he was coming for someone. Charles may be 74 years old, but the real work begins for him now that he’s king. Videos of the amazing moment quickly went viral on the internet. Someone wrote on Twitter in a video that has been viewed 1.7 million times so far:

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Some spooky speculation about the spooky ghosts of Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, who were actually an even more tasteful part of the day thanks to a tribute to Princess Kate’s jewelry, immediately circulated. The British media wrote a lot about the incident, but the question remains, who is this person.

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According to Westminster Abbey, it is called smart, approx. sexton translator. The Church says that he is a person who works in the monastery and helps in religious services, without being a spiritual leader himself News week.

Katy Perry can’t find a chair

Another coronation moment that went viral on the internet was about singer Katy Perry. The pop star sang at the King’s Concert on Sunday night, but was also in attendance at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, with the editor of the British newspaper Vogue magazine Edward Enninful. Berry clearly struggled to find her seat:

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“Don’t worry everyone, I found my seat,” she joked in a tweet that afternoon that garnered 142,000 likes. Although the day revolved around King Charles and Queen Camilla, Katie herself proved to be an attraction at the event:

Katy Perry at Westminster Abbey for Charles' coronation.
Katy Perry at Westminster Abbey for Charles’ coronation. © AFP

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