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According to Intel, the upcoming Intel 4-chip process will allow for 21.5% faster processor speeds, while maintaining the same TDPs. Intel 4 is the company’s first chip node where Intel uses euv chip machines. Show Intel A die shot for meteor lake chip.

Intel 4 enables 21.5 percent faster clock speeds with the same tdp, and 40 percent less consumption at the same clock speeds, or a combination of them, Intel said during IEEE VLSI Seminar 2022† Tom’s Devices writes about the show† Intel compares Intel 4 with the company’s current chip node, Intel 7, which is used in Alder Lake, among others.

Intel 4 is the chip process the company previously referred to as 7nm, with the Intel 7 being the 10nm node. The company widely uses EUV foil machines for production, which requires fewer process steps that take less time and expensive exposure masks. Intel talks about 2x scaling in terms of high performance librarywhich means the company is able to put twice as many transistors on the surface with Intel 4 as it does with Intel 7 in high-performance chip architectures.

The first generation of processors based on Intel 4 will be the Meteor Lake. It should appear in 2023. Intel revealed that it produced working processors in the second quarter. Intel uses Foveros 3D technology to encapsulate in Meteor Lake. This allows the company to place multiple “tiles” or chips on an overlapping medium, connected via through silicon viachannels. This includes boxes for computation, graphics, I/O, and soc.

Show Intel A die shot From the computational tiles, Meteor Lake is shown to consist of six strong cores, codenamed Redwood Cove, and two groups of four thrifty electron cores each, Crestmont cores. Foveros 3D enables Intel to make different parts or have them made in different processes. At least the computing part is done by the company on the Intel 4 node.

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