Efteling: An amazing ghost performance as a successor to Spookslot

Illustratie: Efteling

Slowly but surely it is becoming more and more clear about Spookslot’s successor at Efteling. The movie “Dance Macabre” should become more dynamic. This way, the audience will soon become a real part of the performance. This was reported by the theme park website Looopings after discussions with various stakeholders.

Efteling selects amazing ghost performance with animated runway and special effects, So he knows Looopings† The new attraction will also have a modern drive system, so that the audience will soon be part of the performance. At Spookslot, the audience was still watching the performance behind a glass wall.

There’s good news for big Spookslot fans: the return of the iconic floating violin. Arches, ornate windows, balustrades and gates are also given the same look at Danse Macabre.

Ghost lock design is back
The new attraction also features a character created by the designer of the haunted castle. Ton van der Veen caught the mind of the bandleader at the time. This connector will control ghost items in the group. But this was very expensive at the time and was scrapped. Jeroen Verheij is the chief designer of the new attraction and has decided to add this connector now.

Efteling previously announced that the attraction can handle 1,250 visitors per hour. The attraction will cost 25 million euros and open in 2024.

protesting the demolition
When Efteling announced on January 24 that he would demolish Spookslot, there was a lot of protest. Fans did not want their attraction to disappear and began to petition. This has been signed over ten thousand times. The Heritage Society Bond Heemschut also wanted to preserve Spookslot. In the end both of them didn’t work out, because the attraction would be gone anyway.

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