Intel Introduces Arc A770 Desktop Graphics Card In October From $329 – Computer – News

I can assume that Intel doesn’t want to sell this first generation en masse, but if the price is too high (above green and red), combined with known driver issues, they won’t (almost) sell any of them.
I think then s-)

I’ve also seen that in 2019 when AMD released the RX 5000 series, many driver issues, you just had to try the version that worked, etc. The average consumer/player wasn’t waiting for that, so they went to the green team.
When I brought up AMD with the RX 6000, the first quote I saw was everywhere, “Oh no drivers” “I hope it works now” etc.
Luckily it wasn’t that bad back then, and now they have everything (as far as I know) under control :) (running the RX 6600 myself, everything works perfectly).

But what I want to say : s If Intel releases these cards for that (in my opinion) a very high price, and people who buy them are having problems with drivers, this is well known, gpus etc are returned, then they can suffer from that for a long time.

Whereas when they say: OK, it’s our first generic card, it’s working fine, but there are issues with the drivers, they’re working on it (and I definitely believe that), so these cards are now at an extra competitive price.
So to take a piece of the market / get a foot in the door from the green and red team.
And later with B and C along with good drivers to really be able to compete!

But ok we’ll see let’s hope for the best _ / - \ O_
Because the more competition in the GPU field, the better for us :)

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