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Intel plans to disable AVX-512 hardware support in new revisions to its Alder Lake processors. The company confirms this to Tom’s Hardware. The AVX-512 was not officially supported on chips, but was usable at Alder Lake via a twisty road.

unknown source Reported to Tom’s Hardware that AVX-512 is completely disabled on newer versions of Intel Alder Lake non-K processors. This was later confirmed by Intel. “Although the AVX-512 does not do that disabled valves It was on some Alder Lake desktop products early on, Intel plans to do that on Alder Lake products in the future,” a company spokesperson told Toms Hardware.

With this said, the AVX-512 is now hardware-disabled by Intel, by blowing an internal fuse on Alder Lake CPUs. Previously, AVX-512 was already a software crash. At the introduction of Alder Lake, Intel said that the AVX-512 was not supported due to the hybrid architecture of the CPUs, with two different types of cores. However, several motherboard manufacturers offered a workaround to enable the AVX-512, in the form of a bios setting that disabled Alder Lakes E-cores.

In January, Intel has already come up with Updated small icon, which was made available via bios updates and undo this workaround. Then MSI came up with an option to easily switch between old and new bios versions, allowing users to re-enable support, Tom’s Hardware writes† So in the future, users will need an outdated BIOS version and an outdated Alder Lake chip to deploy the AVX-512.

AVX-512 is Intel Instruction Set ExtensionPrimarily aimed at accelerating professional workloads such as 3D modeling, scientific simulation, deep learning, and audio and video processing. The extension was supported on previous Intel consumer Rocket Lake processors as well as on Xeon and . CPUs high performance computing

It is not known why Intel AVX-512 is disabled. The company may want to create a further distinction between its upcoming Sapphire Rapids server platform and consumer Alder Lake chips, as the AVX-512 could offer performance advantages especially for enterprise applications. However, it has not been confirmed whether this is actually the cause.

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