Instagram will stop developing the Kids version for now

Instagram will stop developing the Kids version for now

Instagram is temporarily suspending development of a special children’s version of the platform. The company announced in March that it was working on a version for children under 13, who are now not welcome on Instagram. Her announcement soon sparked a lot of criticism.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri now writes in a statement that the company still has confidence in the project, but the delay will give the company time to speak with parents, experts, policymakers and governments about their concerns.

According to Mosseri, these conversations are necessary to clarify the “value and relevance” of the project to young teens. “The truth is that kids are already very active on the Internet,” he writes.

relevant ministers

Criticism of the new youth platform came on Instagram Among other things One of the top 44 legal states in the United States. They called on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to stop developing the children’s version of the platform, for the “mental and physical well-being of children.”

They also highlighted the dangers of cyberbullying and cyberbullying, as well as the efforts Facebook is already making to protect children on their platforms.

parental control

According to Instagram head Mosseri, it’s best for children under 13 to have their own version. “We largely believe it is best for parents to give their children access to the version of Instagram that is truly dedicated to them,” he wrote. A place that parents can control.

Mosseri says the kids’ version is for kids ages 10 to 12. Parents must give permission to access it. Plus, the idea is that parents can see everything kids do, like the time kids spend using the app and messaging.

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