Inspired by Peter R. de Vries, these people put the same tattoos

Inspired by Peter R. de Vries, these people put the same tattoos

Renowned attorney Peter Scotten, a close friend of the murdered crime reporter, announced via Twitter that he had a text with the words “on a bent knee is no way to get rid of freedom” on his leg. Peter R. de Vries had this text on his right leg and once said of him: “This text means that we are not subject to anyone.”

Peter R. To inspire more people. These people also have the text imprinted on their bodies forever:

Wilko: I have a lot of tattoos, but this one is very special

Wilco Bogers: “I’m a truck driver, I love snakes and I love tattoos. Pretty much my whole body is under. My legs, arms and back; almost perfectly. I really liked Peter R. de Vries tattoos. I wasn’t kneeling. For injustice but defending inequality, that too. It fits perfectly with the way I see life and I also have a lot of respect for Peter R.’s work I did a tattoo two weeks ago, on the bottom of my knee? Well no, it cost me less than 200 euros. I am very proud of it. Really an asset. The text is beautiful , I look at him every day. And I get very nice reactions.”

Tami: Misery does not reach me with this tattoo

Tami (48): “I had a difficult childhood with a lot of misery. But it never disappointed me. I continued. When I read about Peter R. de Vries and his tattoo I knew for sure: I also wanted the motto of my life to be on my arm. After his death, I put my motto On My Arms, inspired by Peter R.: “When you are at the end of the rope, tie a knot and continue.
Similar to Peter R., this text really fits my life: You must never fall, but always rise again. I got the tattoo two weeks ago. I was encouraged by the death of Peter R. to do so. I’m a big fan of him. Nor did he give up. The tattoo is already invaluable. If I go through a difficult moment, I look at it and get the energy back.”

Sony: This motto of life suits me

Sonny Hassani: “I tattooed the same Peter R de Vries spell on my knee. It was July 8th and then Peter R. got injured. He got a text tattooed on my knee because that’s the way I look at life. Open, direct, honest and pure. I was born In Kosovo and as a young boy I ran away to Holland with my father because of the war. I also have to fight hard in this life. I am now a painter and tattooist. I follow my passion, just like Peter R. de Vries. I have been watching his shows. I hope he is now resting in peace.”

Mona: With this tattoo, Peter R. de Vries is alive

Mona (31 years old) from Sittard: “I’m probably the biggest fan of Peter R. de Vries. For more than 20 years. I still shed a tear every day, even though I’ve never met him. So sad. His death. He still touches me. It was Good person, stand up for everyone. As a tribute, I got the tattoo two weeks ago, also on my right calf in exactly the same place and the same script. It’s my first tattoo. My dad didn’t like it: “You’ll regret it, because the tattoo will never go away,” they said. But I’m very happy with it. The script suits me. I’m not afraid of anyone. And with tattoos, Peter(r) lives a little.”

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