Indian pomegranate seeds are allowed back into the US

Indian pomegranate seeds are allowed back into the US

India has been allowed to export pomegranate seeds to the US again. “The export freeze was announced in October 2018,” said Kaushal Kakar, CEO of Indian fresh produce exporter K Bee Exports. “Now, after a gap of almost four years, we have regained market access thanks to the tireless efforts of the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) and the Council for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Exports (APEDA).”

Pomegranate seed traders now have a lot of work to do, and regaining lost market share in the U.S. will be a challenge, says Gakbar. “The US has its own production and imports pomegranate seeds from other countries. However, only India can provide products with consistent quantity and quality throughout the year. For example, the Pakwa variety is known for its soft and sweet kernels. Deep red color. Good cultivation practices and chain The high level of integration of farmers in the country is two aspects that K bee exports have a lot of experience with.”

“A particular origin has been out of circulation for many years and as in our case, it is a challenge to quickly regain market share. We believe in the superiority of our pomegranate in terms of taste and quality. America is our priority. A growing market compared to Europe, pomegranate seeds are already available in large quantities from India, And they are more valuable. As average consumption per person is higher in the US, we expect to gradually gain market share compared to other developed markets,” says Kagar.

According to Kakar, India has everything needed to ship pomegranate seeds across the world, including remote locations. “Many cities in the US are well connected to major Indian airports thanks to airlines from Europe and the Middle East. In addition, KB Exports has an IATA-accredited forwarding department. This is an important advantage that we are not limited to. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness from airlines. solutions, but also allows us to fully understand the cold chain requirements of a product such as pomegranate seeds, as the temperature during transport is essential to guarantee a fresh and durable product for our customers.”

Kay Bee Exports Pomegranate seeds have all the necessary certifications for the US market, so Kagar is confident about the current season. “To regain market share in the US, we rely on the quality of our pomegranate seeds. We believe that we can maintain our presence in this key category in the future. In order to provide the best quality to our customers, we are now not only GlobalGAP certified, but also have our own cultivation accredited according to social and ethical standards. Also, “The kernels are extracted by an advanced machine certified BRC Grade AA+. This is the highest rating possible. Food safety norms and good manufacturing processes,” he decides.

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