India opens market for US pork

India opens market for US pork

India opens market for pork and pork products from US. This removes the long-standing barrier to American agribusiness.

The market opened as a result of the US-India Trade Policy Forum held in New Delhi on November 2021. This development marks the culmination of nearly two decades of work to gain market access for American pork in India. This marks a positive step in the trade relationship between the United States and India, “said Tom Wilsock, the US Secretary of Agriculture.

The National Association of Pig Farmers (NPPC) is therefore pleased with the opening of the market. With a population of 1.26 billion, India is one of the most populous countries in the world. NPPC talks about great energy and significant market opportunity. Pork is not a staple food in India; Rather an important place.

Hindus eat mainly vegetarian food and Muslims do not eat pork. So domestic pork production is limited to Northeast India. A study titled ‘Market for Meat in India’ released in 2018 by the Union Ministry of Agriculture shows that (low) imports of pork are mainly made only for hotels and restaurants and some supermarkets in major cities.

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