In this bedroom you seem to be lying on the beach


There are ordinary private homes for sale in Rotterdam. From small workers’ homes to magnificent urban villas. For example, a single-family home in Hillegersberg is now for sale. Doesn’t sound like anything special, does it? take a look.

You hear seagulls chirping, feel the sand between your toes and the sea breeze through your hair. are you on the beach No, only in a bedroom in Rotterdam.

Let’s go to the beach

No boring wallpaper, because here you wake up with a sea view. It’s like living in a house in Hoek van Holland. Under the “windows” even white boards were attached as window sills. When you watch TV you see seagulls flying in the background.

On the bed is a single bedspread, on which are sand dunes, lighthouses and sea eagles. At the back of the room are several bushes of reeds and a wooden cupboard filled with large shells. This means sleeping in your swimsuit.

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Source: Foundation

Bird dance

But this is not the only area that you can enjoy when you purchase this House. The current owners are clearly fans of country style and aviaries. Throughout the house and in the garden, we notice paintings and window stickers of winged animals.

We are most fans of the cute shed in the garden. Includes lace curtains, birdhouse and large clock. Can you keep track of when to turn while sunbathing?

Let’s talk numbers

The asking price for this property is €625,000. What does he get in return? 220 sqm living space with eight bedrooms, front and back garden. You pay the equivalent of 2841 per square meter for this house. This is significantly lower than the average of 4,417 per square meter in Hillegersberg-South.

the pictures

Curious what it looks like? Take a look here. Below the images, you can click through to the full ad.

Source: Foundation
Source: Foundation
Source: Foundation

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