In the painting that made Halsima laugh so much, she looked like a movie star

In the painting that made Halsima laugh so much, she looked like a movie star

Fimki Halsema’s laugh did not disappoint. After all, that’s what you look at the stars on canvas for: the unveiling of the three paintings the star painted. In the painting that made the mayor laugh so much, she looked like a movie star. Halsima herself described her as charming and challenging. According to Lips, the word punk was more appropriate.

Another painter was fond of the rounded shapes and “cheeks” of the mayor as he stood. “I’ve never heard that before,” he laughed. “It’s definitely corona kilos.”

Part of the format is that the standing star was interviewed by the announcer, present-day Özcan ‘Eus’ Akyol. But this is never necessary for Lips. He doesn’t give much news and no one thinks the Playboy reader who says he’s the one doing the interviews?

What Lips learned: Before serving, Halsema wondered if she had the “emotional calm” that a mayor should have. “To remain stable in extremely difficult conditions.” Three years later, she was very satisfied with herself.

Interesting, but fortunately we quickly get to the height of the stars on the canvas, the moment when the star is allowed to take one of the three canvases home. The mayor chose the obnoxious work, over the flair of the lips, with the cheeks which had grown into very large cheeks on a very large canvas.

That was a bit of a shock, but overall it was an understandable choice. It is likely that this painting has now relegated to the deepest and lowest vault of the official residence. The other two are auctioned by Omroep Max to charity and then they can always show up somewhere.

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