Caroline van der Plas is very tasty

Caroline van der Plas

Those hysterical things about disasters that will lie ahead if we don’t indulge in the left’s hobbies! All intimidation and panic

It won only one seat in the March 17 parliamentary elections, but in the polls, BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​has become Minerva’s new owl. According to the country’s professional coffee grounds viewers, a party would actually be good for six, seven, or even eight seats. More than CDA! More than a Christian union! More than a forum for democracy! How on earth did Caroline van der Plas, the only deputy at the BBB, do that?

cc photo: Roel Wijnants

The answer is simple: Caroline (Twitter: Lientje1967) is superbly known to broad audiences. So there really is no nonsense. Just like that through and through, you know. She is delightfully flimsy and very fat. She wears her glasses in her hair, just as the neighbor does when she walks in for a cup of coffee. The day after the election, she rode a tractor to celebrate her victory in the parliamentary seat in the Binnenhof. You don’t care about your image at all, do you?

In short: Caroline will definitely succeed. You can’t open the newspaper without seeing its name in chocolate letters. And you can’t turn on the TV without it smiling cheerfully at you. She has since participated in many popular TV shows, such as “Spaanders” and “De Slimste Mens” and you name it. She has also been admired many times in “Jinek”. In other words: The work on her brand awareness (and her party!) can be left with confidence.

She also stands in the House of Representatives (sorry: female). It says exactly what the average man (woman!) wants to hear. That is, it is a big puppet show in The Hague, where ordinary people, like you, me and you, do not want anything to do with it. Those hysterical things about disasters that will lie ahead if we don’t indulge in the left’s hobbies! All fear of meadows and panic. Exaggerate! “Today we live in an ongoing crisis. Corona crisis, biodiversity crisis, climate crisis, nitrogen crisis, housing crisis. It seems like calling something a crisis is the best way to win support for a policy these days. Say to yourself: Aren’t these words like your heart to this version Contemporary of Boer Koekoek?

The party name BoerBurgerBeweging indicates that the BBB is essentially a farmer’s party. But this is not true. “Farmers are citizens too,” party leader Erich Stejenk says in AD. I do not rule out that we will change the name of our party in the future. Caroline is a very good country representative. You just have to see it that way.

For the competition, BBB’s success should have been a heavy blow. Democratic Front party leader Thierry Baudi, who himself was an unbeatable political phenomenon just two years ago, dubbed Van der Plas’s party a somewhat condescendingly titled “mainstream right” last summer. According to him, she accepts the current world order and just wants to “improve” it a little.

But this criticism would be a concern for Lientje1967. She undoubtedly believes that the Forum is constantly burdened with quarrels and divisions. BBB doesn’t mind at all. In a faction with only one vice, you can’t even get a detachment. Good luck with your club, as it did with 50PLUS, but there’s no risk of that at BBB, is there? Things haven’t worked out with seniors, but for BBB, the sky’s the limit right now.

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