In the Netherlands you have to pretend

In the Netherlands you have to pretend

do you know The Truman Show Until now? In this movie, a city is built to show reality. All of the “residents” are actors, except for Truman Burbank (played by Jim Carrey). He has no idea his hometown of Seahaven is actually located on a block in Hollywood. The sun, moon and all other natural phenomena are simulated in the studios. That his world was drawn from the ground up by his spiritual father. And that the whole world is watching.

What struck me while watching the movie was that everyone was so happy. And perfect. I told myself I never wanted to live like this. It reminded me of people in the real world who always get along very well. Who are you actually kidding? I decided not to live in a bourgeois house anyway. And don’t pretend I don’t have any problems.

I just don’t like people who want to be perfect all the time. Give me someone with a frayed edge. spin-offs nervous breakdown She can burst into tears, and who simply says that things are not going well for a while. Like Bridget Masland did on the TV show the chest and Stella Bergsma on the podcast This will never work.

Dutch gets shocked when you say you’re not doing well. They look at you with wide eyes. Or – the other extreme – if you say “No really”, they keep calling you to ask about “what you really do”. As a result, you immediately feel like half sick. Guys, it’s not a big deal, it’s not going well for a while, can’t I say? They don’t handle it well. It crept in from her upbringing, and that’s in Holland’s DNA. I like Calvinism when it comes to modesty, austerity and frugality, for example when sharing successes. The Turks can exaggerate this again, just like Eddie Murphy as an African prince in the movie Coming to AmericaThey want to show their money.

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But I am less charmed by the languid demeanor of the Dutch when it comes to showing emotion. Guys, we don’t live in the Middle Ages. You don’t have to put on a play for anyone. Show how you feel. I hope that people will show their feelings more often, in part due to Turkish, Moroccan, and Surinamese influences, and dare to say that you are not well. At least 10 percent of young people between the ages of 16 and 20 in our country suffer from depression, according to Statistics Netherlands. What must it be like for them if they can’t or won’t even be home to let them know they’re not doing a good job?

As a country, we are in fifth place World Happiness Report 2023. We are among the happiest people in the world. Are we really happy? Most people are probably just pretending – like the residents of the fictional town of Seahaven.

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