Gas may be less than $0.

"De gasprijs gaat mogelijk onder $0"

The TTF Gas Future Index, the European gas benchmark, has reached its lowest level in two years. Traders expect that the price can still go down.

Gas stocks are running out and European governments are buying gas in small quantities. In this podcast from the IEX BeleggersPodcast, Arend Jan explains why the price of gas sometimes drops below $0.

Plus, we can’t avoid discussing Nvidia’s amazing characters. Why is the US tech giant’s price rising so quickly and what does this mean for Dutch chip companies?

In addition, the following topics are covered:

              • Why is it unwise to shorten Bessie
              • Fed minutes
              • Investors react negatively to new CEO Alberts
              • Shell’s ‘tumultuous’ shareholder meeting
              • Five tips to avoid being scammed by influencers
              • Why shrinking stocks can be a good investment
              • ibosco

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Niels Koerts has been an investment analyst at IEX since 2019. He started investing at the age of thirteen, precisely in 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, so he immediately knew what the loss was. Fortunately, his passion for investing has not been affected. In 2020, he will receive a bachelor’s degree in public administration …

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