In pictures: Mercedes updates for race weekend in America

In pictures: Mercedes updates for race weekend in America

John Bolsher

Friday 21 October 2022 11:49

‘Steam Mercedes An update brought the package to the US, hoping to connect Red Bull Racing And Ferrari. Team boss Toto Wolff has previously said he doesn’t expect miracles, but he believes the superpower can take a step forward.

Mercedes has had an underwhelming season in Formula 1. After years of dominance, the W13 missed the mark, and the new era of sport for Zilverpijlen didn’t get off to a flying start. The gap between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari varies each round, but is not yet closed. With four races to go, the respect available this season is limited, but that doesn’t change the fact that important work can be done next year.

Save weight

“This is our last step in aerodynamic development, and hopefully it will give us a bit more performance,” said Chief Technology Officer Andrew Shovlin. “But the most important thing is that we learn a lot with every step and we can take that knowledge to next year. There are some areas where we have removed some weight from which the car is approaching the weight limit. So it is very good. It is difficult to predict where we stand.”

New parts

With Jupiter now behind us, these new regions have also been photographed for the first time. It clearly shows that Mercedes has made many significant changes compared to the last race in Japan. Formula 1 journalist Albert Fabrega went through the Mercedes garage to record the new parts.

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