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About to give up work: What's the best way to use your pension amount?  |  money

About to give up work: What’s the best way to use your pension amount? | money

إن المعاش التقاعدي المتغير مثير للاهتمام إذا كنت تستطيع استيعاب أي انتكاسات برأسمالك الخاص
جيروين ولفسن ، موني وايز

3. معاش متغير

منذ عام 2016 ، أصبح من الممكن استثمار جزء من المعاش التقاعدي. المعاش التقاعدي أعلى منه مع المعاش التقاعدي الثابت. هذا لأنه يتم أخذ دفعة مقدمة على دخل الاستثمار. يقول ولفسن: "في السنة الأولى ، تكون الاستحقاقات بسرعة أعلى بنسبة 15 إلى 20 في المائة من المعاش التقاعدي الثابت". "على سبيل المثال ، بدلاً من 1055 يورو ، تحصل على 1233.29 يورو شهريًا."

بعد عشر سنوات ، يمكن الحصول على معاش تقاعدي يبلغ إجماليه 2000 يورو ، ولكن يمكن أن تنخفض الميزة أيضًا إلى 800 أو 900 يورو إجماليًا في عام سيئ. يقول ولفسن: "إن المعاش المتغير أمر مثير للاهتمام إذا كان بإمكانك استيعاب أي انتكاسات برأسمالك الخاص".

"وأنت تخاطر أكثر. عليك أن تكون قادرًا على التعامل مع ذلك." تقدم شركات تأمين المعاشات أيضًا مزيجًا من المعاشات التقاعدية الثابتة والمتغيرة وخيارًا من الاستثمارات الهجومية (الخطرة) والدفاعية (الأقل خطورة).

Make a comparison to get the best benefit

It prompts “shopping”, says Wolfson. “The insurance company where you get a pension is definitely not always the insurance company that pays the highest.” The differences between pension insurance companies are large and sometimes reach tens of euros per month.

“Most people start making some comparisons a few months before retirement to see how much pension they get and which provider is the best,” Wolfson says.

“Now that interest rates are up, we’re seeing that people are getting more active with that and they’re trying to secure the highest pension.” Once the annuity is purchased, it can no longer be exchanged. On several websites, including: And the, it is possible to compare service providers. You can also contact a specialist for advice.

Lifetime, monthly interest

The big unknown variable, of course, is when you die. This has no consequences for the monthly payment amount. “It’s about monthly benefits for life,” says financial planner and pension advisor Eric Wienen of Planners van Waarde.

“No matter if someone is seventy or a hundred years old, you buy insurance, as it were, in order to ‘risk’ that you live a long time and therefore need more money.”

What has an effect is when you retire. On average, employees retired last year at the age of 65 years and 3 months, according to figures from the Netherlands Statistics Office. However, the government retirement age is 66 years and 7 months.

Those who retire early save less. During You can find out how much pension you owe.

Pay a portion of your pension right away

Under the new Pensions Act, which is set to take effect next July, it’s also possible to have up to 10 percent of your total retirement savings deposit paid directly into your account on your retirement date. For example, to buy a mobile home or (partially) to pay off a mortgage.

However, this has several drawbacks. “Your pension in the future will be 10 percent lower,” says Wienen. This may also apply to the survivor’s pension, which is the pension that the partner receives after your death.

10 percent is also seen as income, as a result of which a large tax may have to be paid on this. In addition, it may have consequences for some additional fees.

So Wienen expects that few future retirees will benefit from this. “Unless, say, someone is in poor health and is not expected to live that long.”

The Nybod Budget Institute is concerned that 10 percent may suddenly be withdrawn. “Based on emotion, people can quickly choose a large amount at once, while there are better options from a financial standpoint,” Director Arjan Fligenthart said earlier in a statement. press release.

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