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X, formerly Twitter, is having trouble displaying older posts with images and URLs. They appear to be tweets posted prior to December 2014. It is unclear when the problems began.

Pictures and some hyperlinks are no longer visible on X since last weekend, Reports, among others, The Verge. The problem was noticed on Saturday afternoon By X User Tom Coates. Posts display only broken hyperlinks, but no other media. Tweets with videos will still work.

The problem appears to be caused by a bug in Twitter’s link shortener, which automatically converts URLs in posts to a hyperlink. The old links don’t seem to work anymore. The images in the old tweets are still on Twitter’s servers, but they are no longer displayed on the platform itself. Among other things Portrait of Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscars selfie, which has been retweeted millions of times, and temporarily disappeared from the platform. That image has now been restored. Image in response to that tweet However, it is still not visible.

It is not known exactly what causes links and image problems. It may have to do with changes Twitter made in 2016, notes The Verge. That year, the platform received an improved URLenrichmentThis will show previews of linked websites and images in a tweet without counting those previews within the 140-character limit in X Messages. The metadata for this change “began to appear” in December 2014, according to the developer documentation.

X has not officially commented on the flaw. Tweakers has outstanding questions with X, but the company hasn’t answered them yet.

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