IKEA launches smart Roman blinds

IKEA launches smart Roman blinds

IKEA will launch two new models of smart Roman blinds in Europe. they go the exercise And the dance step It has already been spotted on the German Ikea website. The new ‘smart’ blinds weren’t officially announced, but they were explore By Twitter user Dave Zatz.

Both models will be available in 120 x 195 cm or 140 x 195 cm sizes. DANCES TREAD will use blackout material and can be controlled remotely. Curtains cost 145 euros for the small model, the larger version 4 euros more expensive.

The PRAKTLYSING model will be slightly cheaper and starts at €125 for the compact model. This variable does not contain an opacity.

smart assistants

Curtains are part of IKEA smart home line† Like other products from this line, it can be linked to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

To do this, you must first tradphriaBuy hub connection. else Selection It is the use of the IKEA Home smart app or the remote control.

smart roller blinds

The blinds should complement IKEA’s existing line of smart blinds. In 2019, it has already brought virtur and the Qadrili Off, two roller blinds that can also be controlled remotely. They are in the same price range as the newer models.


It is not yet known when the new smart blinds will go on sale. At the moment, it can only be seen on the German and Polish IKEA websites. in the Netherlands to reach Searches on the site still yield nothing.

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