European Court suspends all cases against Russia, consequences of MH17 case unclear internal

European Court suspends all cases against Russia, consequences of MH17 case unclear internal

The European Court of Human Rights has suspended all cases against Russia. It remains unclear what this means for the relatives’ case and the Netherlands due to the downing of Flight MH17.

Relatives hold Russia responsible for the MH17 disaster. They brought a case before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Netherlands later joined this measure. became the case I was treated in January Whether the complaint is admissible. Russia denies any involvement.

Today, the Council of Europe has expelled Russia from the Treaty Organization with immediate effect. The council, which monitors democracy and the rule of law in Europe, does not want to let the Russian invasion of Ukraine run its course.

Now that Russia is no longer a member and is about to withdraw from the treaty, ordinary Russian citizens can no longer claim their rights in the Strasbourg court. They must also fear that Russia will again carry out the death penalty, which was shelved upon accession but never abolished.


Today, the court announced the suspension of all cases against Russia. The MH17 Flight Disaster Foundation believes it will not have serious consequences for the condition surrounding flight MH17. Russia may already be planning to ignore a negative outcome, if the court decides that the country should pay reparations, according to Chairman Pete Ploig.

Bloog noted that the expectations of relatives were not high in this regard. For example, the Russian Constitution states that judgments issued outside Russia can be reviewed by the Russian court.

Searching for the truth

It’s not about compensating next-of-kin, but about “finding the truth and making up.” “We think it’s important that a country that does something like this be held accountable,” says Plogue.

And the Foreign Ministry announced earlier that the relatives’ case, which is supported by the Netherlands, could continue as usual. Current affairs in principle are simply completed.

The court, which still has to deal with the content of the MH17 case, will rule only if the opposing party responds. The question is whether Russia will respond to the complaint, and if not, how the court will decide on this matter.

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