IKEA comes with furniture and accessories for gamers

IKEA comes with furniture and accessories for gamers

IKEA already launched the line in China earlier this year, and it will be the rest of the world’s turn in October. There are 3 billion players worldwide: a large group that is often forgotten when it comes to solutions for a better life at home. According to IKEA.

The line consists of thirty pieces of furniture and accessories, ranging from adjustable office chairs and desks to accessories such as a wooden handle for holding headphones, a guide for a mouse cable and a ring lamp with a separate phone holder that allows players to light themselves. Even while broadcasting.

Current and new products

The line consists of six product groups, some of which already exist but have been given special editions with colors and aspects that should appeal to gamers. There are accessories such as mouse pads of different sizes, a cup holder that can be attached to a desk, and a neck pillow that can also be used as a blanket and tapestry.

The new UPPSPEL line, created in collaboration with ASUS, includes a new version of the SKÅDIS clipboard. Things like planters and hooks can be hung on the regular version of that board, and the game version is black and has special straps in which mice, keyboards, cables, and controllers can be neatly stored.

Galleries, greenhouses and wheels

The UPPSPEL line also includes color-lit display cabinets, a movable chest of drawers with space for multiple power strips and an adjustable base with wheels for gaming PCs. The IKEA toys line will be available from October online and in IKEA stores.

Prices for office chairs range from 49.99 to 250 euros depending on the functions and furnishings. Gaming desks are available from 129 to 449 euros, depending on adjustability. Other accessories have prices from 7.99 to about 99 euros.

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