Igone de Jongh returns to an earlier statement about Thijs Römer

Igone de Jongh returns to an earlier statement about Thijs Römer

A while ago, it was announced that Thejs would be criminally prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Office for sexual offenses involving minors between the ages of 14 and 16. Shortly thereafter, Igone announced on Instagram that their love affair was over. Then, the question arises if they are actually separated, since they have been spotted together a few times.

Wilfred cannot resist asking about this, though he says he feels uncomfortable about it. “I have to ask these questions, but on the other hand I think: Why do I have to ask you these questions? You know, about your private life.” “But that’s because you put things on Instagram yourself and point them out in interviews. Why do you, as a well-known Dutch person, have to suddenly hold them accountable?”

Igone at first notes that she herself does not know exactly, but in the end she decides: “I did it because I felt that way at that time. And indeed, what do you say: are you responsible? No, I do not think in principle. About on the other hand It’s not always easy for you.”

Wilfred points out that he would not make such a statement himself, which Egon admits she no longer fully supports. “Maybe I can also now say that in hindsight, I thought now, I shouldn’t have done that. And I agree with you I should have thought: sort everything out. Now I’m like: shit.”

Theis’s ex-wife, Katya, has made it clear several times that she supports him during this difficult period.

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