IFixit starts sales of select Samsung smartphone parts – tablets and phones – News

IFixit together with Samsung offers replacement parts for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S21 and Galaxy Tab S7+. Through the partnership, iFixit is adding a new plant to its portfolio whose products can be repaired with iFixit tools and guides.

The spare parts offered by iFixit are for phones of the previous two generations. No parts have been announced for the Samsung Galaxy S22 at the moment. also Reports iFixit states that parts are currently only available in the US. Samsung announce Already want to offer self-repair service in March.

Among other things, iFixit offers tools and parts through its website to replace the USB port, screen, and battery in Galaxy phones. Parts are officially sourced from Samsung, and accompanying tools and manuals are provided by iFixit.

Samsung is not the first company to offer spare parts with iFixit, also google It has been offering replacement parts for Pixel phones through iFixit since this summer. Thus, the company is following in the footsteps of smartphone manufacturer Motorola, which has been doing this for quite some time. Microsoft also offers spare parts for its equipment and Valve announced shortly after the release of Steam Dick It also made available spare parts for the handheld device through iFixit.

Manufacturers are increasingly offering self-repair services and many companies are specifically choosing iFixit to partner with. Tweakers have previously written a background on why Companies offer self-repair services And what is the role of iFixit in this.

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