Dennis Winning: “I’m glad you appreciate that I’m having such a tough time” | gossip

Dennis Winning: "I'm glad you appreciate that I'm having such a tough time" |  gossip

“Dear people, I would like to thank you for all the messages of support I have received,” Dennis begins the video message that shows him lying next to Stella. “I’m glad you also appreciate that I had a tough time with someone with a hernia over the holidays. For all the people who have experienced having a partner with a hernia. You can really do very little.”

The announcer returns “all the love” to the people who support him and his wife. “And everything will be fine. I come home on Friday. There is nothing wrong. I am among the normal people on the plane, while Stella will probably lie down in business class. That’s good for her, because that’s so good for her hernia. It doesn’t matter. That I should stay away from her, because it’s all about love. And we have it together. We have Understanding So we are just getting old. Growth, communication, love and hernia‘, he continued. „thank you all For everyone Estimation I am very strong. On behalf of Stella, same thing.”

On Sunday, it became clear that the trip to Indonesia was different than expected. Stella suffered a ‘terrible’ hernia after a mountain climbing trip in Bali. “But the condition is so bad that you can no longer walk or sit and even the doctor and the hospital have to be involved,” Dennis reported. On Monday, Stella announced that she might go home after being hospitalized.

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