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Repair company iFixit was the first to manually disassemble the portable Steam Deck in a shredding video. Additionally, iFixit and Valve have announced that they will collaborate to bring the single parts to Steam Deck.

iFixit has been allowed to completely unpack Steam Deck from Valve. In a comprehensive disassembly video, repair company iFixit separates the handheld device and shows the company how to replace the battery or thumb sticks, for example.

It’s not the first time we’ve been able to peek inside the Steam Deck. Previously, Valve itself was also putting together a file Video Online where an old copy of the mobile device is dismantled. This new video showcases the Steam Deck version that consumers will soon have. This version previously appeared in teardown videos from Linus Tech Tips And Nexus for gamers

The video shows, among other things, that the printed circuit boards have been given a slightly different color and that Valve has applied various stickers and text. This should make it easier for consumers to perform repairs on Steam Deck themselves. After iFixit, it is not difficult to disassemble the handheld device and put it back together again. Just replacing the battery would have been easier, according to the repair company.

Valve and iFixit are also made a favour that iFixit will become the official retailer of replaceable parts for Valve handheld devices. The two companies have not yet announced which parts you will be able to order later, but write that they will share more details about the collaboration soon.

Starts on February 25 valve With Steam Deck sale. Anyone who manually booked a device can order one. The first mobile devices from the manufacturer will be shipped on February 28.

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