IC Doctors want a booster dose for men who are overweight (40+)

IC Doctors want a booster dose for men who are overweight (40+)

Department heads make this call news hour. “The demand for international cooperation capacity will become (very) great in the coming weeks,” advocates of intensification warned in a statement.

“We fear that we are no longer able to fulfill our responsibility and that we are no longer able to provide proper care to each individual as we used to,” the statement said.

Corona numbers: another increase today

The number of Corona patients in hospitals increased again today. There are currently 1,122 coronavirus patients in hospitals, and 1,042 coronavirus patients. This is evidenced by the latest figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

There are currently 220 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units and a total of 902 patients in nursing wards.

Last week, RIVM recorded 49,614 positive tests, an average of 7,088 infections per day. Today, RIVM has reported 8,219 new infections.

Peter van der Voort, an intensification specialist at UMC Groningen, told RTL Nieuws that we would run into big problems if action was not taken quickly. “We have expressed our concerns, but it is a responsibility that lies with all of us.”

Van der Voort explains that intensive care therapists are proposing more stringent measures to reduce the number of infections and hospital admissions. First of all, by increasing the rate of vaccination and tightening the adherence to the mouth cover.

Booster dose for people over 40

They also argue to expand the Corona Entry Card, for example by using it in churches as well. Additionally, they recommend a booster dose for people over 40. “Starting with men who are overweight. They are the first to enter the intensive care unit.”

Proponents of densification are of the opinion that immunity decreases. “More vaccinated people are coming to the intensive care center. That’s why boosters are important.”

self discipline

In the statement, the department heads called on everyone to do what is possible to significantly reduce the number of injuries. “Self-discipline is necessary now, otherwise we will have big problems with healthcare. Let’s all be reasonable Dutch and understand that it should take a few weeks now.”

“As heads of the university’s adult intensive care units, we have worked with all healthcare professionals for over a year and a half to provide appropriate intensive care care to everyone who needs it,” the department heads wrote in the statement. “We are now looking for the media because water is available.”

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