“I haven’t had my period for four years.”

"I haven't had my period for four years."

Jutta Leerdam has struggled with eating problems for years in the past. The 24-year-old figure skater told herself that too much food is unhealthy and thus she has gotten considerably thinner.

For Robert Rodenburg, against whom subway Revealing he had already forgotten his good intentions fifteen minutes into the Expedition Robinson final, Jutta Leerdam played open cards this week. This is also the address of Rodenburg YouTube channel.

“Too Much” by Jutta Leerdam

Jutta Leerdam’s lifestyle eventually led to what she didn’t want: poor athletic performance. “He was ‘too much“After that it was very bad for my sport and also for my health,” Leerdam says Open the map.

“At a certain point an apple was the best thing ever,” says Leerdam, who recently created a sensation with her new flame Jake Paul. “I only ate healthily and not much more. I got so thin, I had no strength left and I couldn’t move forward. It took me a few years to shape up. Once upon a time I had wisps of hair in my hands.”

The deficient diet also had other physical consequences. “I haven’t had a period for four years. In sports they say it’s normal, but it’s not really normal. I know that now. It really has something to do with diet and fat percentage. I’m much stronger and more feminine now. I have more muscle and also less fat.” “. According to Jutta Leerdam, the problems were at their worst in about three years.

voice in the head

“There’s still a voice in my head that says, ‘You’re too fat.’ That still sucks, but this was so much more than that. Now I’m eating to be the best in the world. At first I dropped out because of a perfect picture. I’m glad I got over it.”

Jutta Leerdam had a good season, winning every 1000m start and becoming world champion. The South Holland woman also played in the spotlight in December by speaking out about her menstrual problems. This is still a taboo in sports.

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