Photo: Dutchmen Photography/ Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

CEO Frans Müller of Ahold, Albert Heijn’s parent company, has threatened to go on strike. Mueller believes it is unfair that he is not being paid 128 times more than his employees because of the company’s new collective labor agreement.

“Unfair and undesirable,” says Ahold CEO Frans Müller of the fact that he started earning less compared to his employees. “Until a month ago I was earning 128 times more From the average employee of Albert Hagen. Fair compensation. But the inflexibility of the trade unions turned this healthy divide on its head. I can’t let that get in my way.”

Frans Müller considers going on strike for fairer compensation: “I don’t mind giving my distribution staff something extra, but I’m also a victim of inflation. My salary 6.5 million euros A year is no longer equal to what it was a year ago. Don’t forget that I also have to go shopping. For a simple, slightly crumbly bag of potatoes, I have to Almost five euros the countdown. And then it gets difficult.”