Duncan Lawrence after Futter-Hardy’s fierce criticism: ‘I hope to meet him in the final on Saturday’ | Displays

Duncan Lawrence after Futter-Hardy's fierce criticism: 'I hope to meet him in the final on Saturday' |  Displays

Duncan Laurence hopes to meet producer Wouter Hardy in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. The singer responded succinctly to an interview he gave to the site in which Hardy and Elsie DeLange first blasted him on Tuesday when he checked out of his hotel.

Duncan Lawrence surrounded Mia Nikolai and Dionne Cooper shortly after noon when they left the Liverpool Hotel. The two will be in the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday night with Burning daylightthe song co-written by Lawrence.

The singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with corridor, himself was in the news last week when that song’s producer and co-writer, Water Hardy, took a firm approach to him and Elsie DeLange about settling commercially for the mega Eurovision hit, which has now been streamed 2.5 billion times on all platforms. “I know Duncan could meet him at Liverpool next week, but I’ll think about that. It would be a strange moment, but he made it himself,” Hardy said earlier.

Possible meeting in the final

Upon his departure, Lawrence initially deflected interview questions by saying that in Liverpool he was concentrating on the act of Nikolai and Cooper, whom he technically supervised. After that, the singer said that he had not spoken to Hardy yet. The producer arrived in Liverpool on Wednesday, taking part in the Estonian cast of singer Alika. “I hope to meet him in the final on Saturday, and to make it to the final with Estonia,” said the singer, who will return regardless of the outcome on Tuesday night.

After the interview, Duncan Lawrence sent a message through the app to Hardy, who did not need to be contacted. The producer also ignored Ilse DeLange’s request for an interview. “I never had to speak to either of them again,” Hardy said in the interview, and nothing has changed.

Mia and Dionne are full of confidence

Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper confidently headed to the Liverpool Arena in Liverpool for the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The duo got to taste an entire room for the first time during Monday’s dress rehearsal and will take that experience with them until Tuesday night when it really counts.

Mia Nicolai and Dionne Cooper. © ANP

“It was a magical first moment,” Cooper told Dutch media on Tuesday as he left the hotel for the concert hall. “We would often sing in an empty arena, and then the audience is there, you get announced and you hear that cheer in your ears. It’s really magical.”

Nikolai felt exactly the same. She added, “We looked at each other and were like, ‘Yeah, that’s it.'” The singer got emotional afterward. “That was just a dump. It’s great to feel all those emotions on stage and be able to express them.”

On Tuesday night, Nikolai and Cooper don’t change the law anymore. “Nothing else is needed. We know exactly the routine and now what it’s going to be like,” Cooper said. “We’ll just do our number. It’s about being human, about being real, about falling down and getting up again. And that’s what we do for all of you. And tonight is that moment for us.”

What time exactly do Mia and Dionne perform?

Tune in before 10.10pm to not miss Mia and Dion’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. At around 11pm we will know if the Netherlands made it to the final.

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