How long should members of the royal family continue to wear black?

How long should members of the royal family continue to wear black?

There are no delightful cotton dresses for Princess Kate or floral prints for Countess Sophie at the moment. During the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth, a Royal family As per the protocol, wear black only. How long does this dress code actually apply?

in black

Usually, members of the royal family wear as little black as possible. This color is mainly reserved for periods of mourning, such as Windsors Go through now. Even after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral next Monday, the colorful outfits won’t return right away. Members of the royal family will continue to wear black for at least another week, until the end of the king’s rule royal mourning period.

flower dress

Although Queen Elizabeth herself did not take such regulations seriously. After the death of her husband Prince Philip in 2021, she remained in mourning for thirty days. Four days later she said goodbye to Duke of Edinburgh However, she appeared again in a blue floral dress.

So the queen dropped the black clothes from head to toe four days later (of course she was also a mistress colorful packages), while her predecessor Queen Victoria chose to remain in mourning for the rest of her life following the death of her beloved husband, Prince Albert. It was another forty years only black for Victoria.

always civil

one of the Famous dress code It is from the palace that members of the royal family should take a set of black clothes with them when they travel. You never know if you suddenly need it. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan can tell – they were only traveling through Europe when the Queen’s death was announced. Of course they no longer have to follow the palace rules, but the Sussexes seem ready. Prince Harry immediately flew to Balmoral in a black suit when he heard the news.

mourning veil

Kate at Prince Philip’s funeral, 2021. Photo: BRONOPRES

During Monday’s funeral we will likely see the traditional mourning veil here and there. The veil was originally intended to provide more privacy during an emotional event. Not that letting your tears flow unabashedly during the funeral is a problem, but in such a case it’s a good idea to be a little less visible to the paparazzi. Although the veil of modern mourning exists mainly for the form. They, like Princess Kate above, are too humble to really protect yourself with.

Source: Metro UK, Hello! The magazine | Photo: BrunoPress

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