Are you building your (extra) pension? That’s how you do it | Currently

Are you building your (extra) pension?  That's how you do it |  Currently

1.7 million workers do not receive pensions, according to the latest Research From De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). These are self-employed, but also employed in paid jobs. How do you guarantee income after you turn 67?

“First decide if you want to maintain your standard of living even after retirement,” advises Marcel Wallage of PensioenVizier. “Usually we see that old people maintain a similar spending pattern until about the age of 74. They go on a trip and buy a cart. After this age, spending goes down. For example, when older people first go to The Gambia, it will be drenthe in distance “.

Once you have calculated how much you expect to need, find how much is actually there. Wallage: “Also look at your partner’s pension. Are you expecting an inheritance? Is the mortgage already paid? Does the house have equity and what is the value of your company? These are all the money you can use in retirement.”

Are you short of money? “You can, of course, also accept a lower standard of living,” Walidge says. Or you can build your pension.

How is the pension built?

Is it wise to save an extra pension?

Product Manager Pensions Heidi Howardman of the age believes it is wise to provide an additional pension. “The retirement age in the state is changing. It was always 65, but the government can no longer pay that part of everyone’s pension until their death (the state retirement age is now 66 years and 7 months, Ed.) ”, she explains.

“Due to inflation, for example, it is possible that even with the pension that you build up through your employer, you still do not accumulate enough to pay your ‘your’ pension. It starts with insight. You can request how much your pension is on mijnpensioenoverzicht. nl. No one can see the future, but at least you have accumulated capital.”

“Young people first need a catalyst before they become aware of the pension.”

Heidi Howardman, Director of Pensions in the Era

Recent research by the insurance company shows that people over the age of 45 are particularly busy with their pension. “Young people first need a release tool before they become aware of a pension. For example, a family member who is retiring,” Howardman says. “It would be good if that awareness arose early, because especially when you’re young, it’s easier to build up more capital.”

How can you save for your retirement on your own?

You can save yourself in two ways: you can save taxes efficiently in square one or save and invest in square three. With the latter, you can put money aside, for example, in a savings or investment account. You pay income tax or payroll tax on this amount and you also pay wealth tax on the amount saved above €50,650 (per person).

With financially favorable savings, you can set aside money for your pension without having to pay income tax, payroll tax, or wealth tax on it. Certain conditions apply.

“The idea is that you have more tax benefits during the vesting period than you have to pay during the payout period.”

Marcel Wallage from Pension Vesiers

First of all, there is a maximum amount that you can save annually. “You calculate this by deducting the so-called ‘AOW privilege’ of 12,837 euros from your gross salary,” Waledge says. No pension is accrued on this part of the salary because you will get an AOW later. “Of the remaining amount, you can save 13.3 percent.”

If you haven’t saved or saved less in previous years, you can make up for it. This is called the “catch-up room” and is calculated based on the past seven years. The overtaking area is a maximum of 7,587 euros. If you are over 56 years old, this is equal to 14,978 euros.

In addition, the tax benefit applies only to the annuity invested in the annuity. For example, you can choose between bank savings or investments. If the money is paid while you retire, you pay tax. “The idea is that you have more tax benefits during the vesting period than you have to pay during the pay period.”

Marian Winter (46 years old) is a professional organizer and efficiently provides taxes for her pension.

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