Horeca disappointed with lockdown extension: ‘We have no perspective’

Archieffoto: Jeffrey Groeneweg/ANP.
File photo: Jeffrey Groeneweg/ANP.
File photo: Jeffrey Groeneweg/ANP.

The current Corona measures will be extended until at least the beginning of next year. According to sources, this was the result of a consultation on Sunday in Catshuis. For the catering industry, which will see a spike in holiday sales, this is another blow. “It will start to crack again, if there is nothing left to break.”

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If the Cabinet does announce during Tuesday’s press conference that the lockdown will last longer, that means for the catering industry that doors will have to close at 5pm for the whole of December.

“It just keeps jamming and jamming.”

“I’m not surprised anymore,” sighs Rod Bakker, food entrepreneur and head of Eindhoven at Koninklijki Horeca Nederland. “A month ago I already said that this situation would last longer than a few weeks and that I support it from a strict lockdown. Then everyone would have been in pain and we could go on. Now there is still more confusion and confusion. It is not for nothing that there is a little confidence in Corona policy among the Dutch.”

According to Packer, the cabinet is always up for other means and the catering industry is the head of the jute. “I have an idea that it is always being diverted to the food industry because that is the economy that hurts the cabinet the least, the least that bothers them and they can control it better. Entrepreneurs become desperate.”

“We don’t have a perspective and we don’t know anymore.”

Packer continues: “Turn on the entire Al-Watania Group app again.” “I’ve seen enough gloom and agony again.” According to the restaurateur in Eindhoven, his colleagues have almost given up on hearing the myriad hit. “We don’t have a perspective. To this day we don’t know what the flat fee allowance will look like. We are still unable to apply for it and we promised six or seven weeks ago. Temporary emergency procedures to hire staff will not open until Monday. I have never seen staff Civilians working between Christmas and New Years, and that means we’ll finally get some money in mid-January. It’s going to start cracking again all over the place, as much as there’s still something to break.”

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