Expedition Robinson Finalists Announced After Two Nervous Fatigue Tests

Expedition Robinson Finalists Announced After Two Nervous Fatigue Tests

Attention: This article contains spoilers about the semi-finals of Expedition Robinson.

Just before the first test begins, there is another special moment. Anouk meets Robert for the first time. Same goes for Jay Jay and Brett. All this time they were on an expedition at the same time, without seeing each other.

Well, at stake. It’s not a test of strength, but it’s all about memory. Candidates have to walk a little, figure out the order in which the fruit is placed on the shelf and then remember it correctly. They play many rounds, until at the end there is one left. Because one mistake means you have to leave the game. After Yuki and Robert lose weight very quickly, Doe and Anouk also have to leave the match in the second round. After one lap, it was Brett who wins. “Am I in the final?” She screams in disbelief, after which she makes the wheel.

As Brett sheds a tear and departs for Winners Island, the five remaining candidates prepare for the second test. In doing so, they must build a tower, keeping the platform on which the tower stands in equilibrium. Time and time again, the candidates drop their towers, but it is Robert who comes out on top at the end.

For YouTubers, this moment is very special, because he has not yet won a single individual test. “What a moment to do this,” he says proudly. “I never dreamed of being in the Expedition Robinson final.” The remaining final points will be given out in next week’s episode.

For Sandra Esperandi, the curtain fell before the semi-finals. What many don’t know is that she has been wandering around the island for weeks with knee problems. She even had to go under the knife when she got home, she says in the video below.

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