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Totally ok, if connectivity/accessibility is your only need.
If you also look at the phones that have appeared on the market in recent years.
For example, I still remember that my Nokia is already a refrigerator, and the mobile phone in the car with a flexible antenna with a large battery pack, all together, a huge weight was somewhere in 1995 when it was 1.75 FL per minute.
and to be reachable and/or to make a call.
Communication was by letter, fax, and telex, and the speech was a week old by that time
You had to prepare your letter, put a stamp on it and after two days the letter was in the mailbox with the recipient, who had to read it first and reply back. The same story envelope sealed and it was another week before you got an answer.
I’m certainly all for innovation, but I think there are also limits when it comes to phones today.
Where there are some updates, everything is stuck (battery) frozen.
In addition, I always have a Lelonvo P2 with me as a spare, and it certainly takes good pictures, in use now for 6 years. Once it was taken from a fellow addict. The battery lasts another 2-3 days depending on what I watch, what I do with it.. I also miss my old Nokia 3310 calling, receiving calls, sending a text, some ping & pong games
As I look at recent developments I increasingly realize they are becoming portable game consoles, preferably whatever comes with them, not to mention the price of 500-1000> everything should be as thin as possible, preferably a week’s worth of battery when Shipping
But who am I to judge, finally standard USB C batteries should be easy to replace, mandatory updates and then also the mess of unnecessary apps you get, can’t be removed.
Then crap, you sent an application and a message but didn’t hear anything more.
I came in from Paris last week and what I really saw was him busy on his phone, on the train, on the street I thought, that’s fine, a conversation complete with gestures and a lot of chatter.
Just like the utilities. Take the bike. The tricycle was an adaptation for people with disabilities or … Then the spartamet group came up with an auxiliary engine, then eBIKE, which is now nothing more than luxury and comfort /
E steps, and everything I see goes by here, so the Estep has recently been out of its thick 60kph cylinder bank. Life-threatening small steering wheel and two small wheels of 10 cm in diameter.
Indeed, time is really limited. Many complain about the mountain of loss, but in the end we buy it ourselves and the mountain travels
I still miss the 3310, plus I also own a photo SLR
In fact, all the products went like this: the portable radio, the portable radio, which later became the ghetto speaker, the whole hip thing, the blaster on your shoulder and in which you had to fit 6 thick batteries.
Then sort the whole Walkman history and brands
I definitely understand things are evolving, but Jzzz today is about the foldable/foldable phone, domatics from your lazy chair, lamp on or off, different color, microwave on, video doorbell, etc…

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