June 6, 2023

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Hong Kong to the polls, but there is not much to choose from

Hong Kong to the polls, but there is not much to choose from

Asked if he, like many other Democrats, thought this was a fake election, Wong said, “Real elections are taking place.” “I think this election is unfair, without any form of democracy. But if we don’t participate in this election, we can do absolutely nothing.”

Wong was one of the founders of the Democratic Party, and previously served in the mini-parliament. In 2015 he was expelled from his party after a struggle over the political track, Wong continued alone. Does he consider himself a patriot? “I am taking the middle path. I am fighting for democracy, but I have rational arguments.”


The differences between China and Hong Kong may be blurry in most areas, but travel back and forth has been nearly impossible since the outbreak of Corona. That’s why we talk to Wong via Skype. From his office in Hung Hom, he shows an election poster that he must bring to the seat.

“We want to urge the government to get a pardon for the Democrats and the youth,” referring to the wave of arrests in the wake of the 2019 protests and, more recently, Security Code. “We want the government to stop using this law to attack any kind of opposition.”

Why were there protests then? NOS on 3 demonstrates this in this video:

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