Homes marked as low energy are increasingly difficult to sell

Homes marked as low energy are increasingly difficult to sell

In the third quarter of 2022, a home marked energy A generated an average of 7 percent more than a home marked F. (NVM) RTL Nieuws requested.

“Rising gas and electricity prices have woken us up. Now that we feel the high energy costs in our wallets, we have to start thinking about energy labels,” says Rex van den Berg, board member of NVM housing and real estate agent.

The energy label is getting more and more important

Utrecht real estate agent Dagmar Daei says sustainability has become a “hot element”. “Before no one looked at the energy label and now everyone wants to know what their gas and electricity consumption is.” Real estate agent Dan Cardol in Rotterdam: “Six months ago I was really happy if you had a home. Now buyers often think about what the low-energy label implies in terms of costs and investments.”

What energy card is in your house?

The energy label shows how energy efficient a home is. The better the insulation of the house, the higher the label. The energy rating ranges from Class A++++ (very economical) to G (very inefficient). Do you want to know if your house has a favorable energy energy? On .’s website environmentally centric It is a handy tool.

ready for sale

The numbers show that homes marked as low energy are now on the market for longer than a year ago. Want to sell a house marked “A”? Then it takes an average of 25 days before the house is sold. This is 28 days for a house marked F and 30 days for a house marked G.

Van den Berg also noted this. “I only have to organize a registry of newly built homes, but I really have to walk around the old homes with low energy power.”

The sale price per square meter of homes marked A is often higher than homes marked D, E, F, or G. But how much the home yields, the lead time, and how often people bid, also depends on the type of home. .

The demand for very distinctive homes such as the 1930s is still very high. This is why the energy label seems to play less of a role here, according to brokers.

The chart below shows the average price per square meter for each type of home and for each label. Click the tab to view the different housing types.

The numbers show that C-rated homes are often cheaper. This is because homes with the Energy C label were typically built in the 1970s or 1980s and are less popular.

More overpayments on sustainable homes

For the first time in a long time, the number of homes being bid on has also started to decline. The drop is visible for all energy labels. But here, too, you see: the higher the power rating, the more people will bid.

“If I had a nice apartment for sale, it would be gone in a week and sold at a much higher price than asked,” van den Berg says. According to him, now this happens to a lesser extent in older homes with low-energy power.

The chart below shows how often a house is bid for each rating. The number of over-bidding decreases faster for lower-rated homes than for A-rated homes.

Number of extra offers per poster

How is it going?

Van den Berg sees the growing demand for energy labels as a constant change. However, you don’t have to worry right away if you have a home with a low rating. “But you have to take into account that it will take longer.”

According to Daae, in many cases, it may be worth asking for a new energy label when selling your home if you’ve made many changes in the meantime. “If you go from a D to a B rating, it can make a difference in your sales results and speed.”


In this study, housing market data provided by NVM/Brainbay was used. The research editors then analyzed this data. For the whole country, by home type and each quarter, we’ve looked at the transaction price per square meter, how much to bid, what’s the lead time and how this has evolved over the past year.

The figures for the third quarter of 2022 only include transactions of final homes sold. Properties that have been sold subject to reservation are not yet included in this.

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