He gave them drugs to kill them: trial against Christian Q., mother who killed her five children in Germany

Berlin Germany

The Investigation into the suspicion that a woman killed her five children The 1- to 8-year-old started this Monday in Germany, shocking the entire country ten months later.

Christian Q.. Wuppertal is scheduled to appear in court (west of the country) on charges of five counts of murder. He faces a life sentence.

This 28 year old girl so far The public prosecutor’s office said he was innocent and his motive had not yet been clarified.

At the first hearing Decided to be quiet. No mental disorder was diagnosed.

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The tragedy began September 3, 2020 At the family apartment in Solingen.

The indictment alleges that the mother gave drugs to her children during breakfast to induce sleep.

Then he prepared a bath with toys for them. He was waking them up and taking them one by one to the bathroom, where he strangled them until they were suffocating.

The children were then wrapped in towels and placed on the bed, where they were found. The woman threw herself in front of a train at a nearby station that day D நகரம்sseldorf city, But he escaped a suicide attempt.

His eldest son, who left for school early that morning, escaped the terrible fate of his brothers and sisters.

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young ladyWhen arrested after the events, a masked man entered his apartment and said he had killed his children. However, that Less evidence to support such a claim.

Finance Herbert K. une-Kebert She pointed out that the woman knew her husband, who had been separated for a year, had found a new partner.

On that day, the accused exchanged messages with her mother and husband for several hours. To this he wrote: “The children are where I am soon,” the lawyer said Monday.

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