September 21, 2021

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Hawaii has US permission to buy chips

Hawaii has US permission to buy chips

Former US President Donald Trump blacklisted Hawaii two years ago and barred it from doing business with US companies. The U.S. government is concerned that Hawaii is misusing its equipment to spy on the Chinese government.

That blockchain has been maintained until now, but officials have reportedly approved several license applications for the sale of chips to Hawaii. Reuters.

The chips are designed for a variety of car parts such as video screens. Huawei has traditionally been known for its smartphones, but has recently focused on other technologies.

For example, the United States cares less about car parts because they require less complex chips, so they are less likely to be misused. Huawei has not yet been able to purchase the full range of US 5G chips.

Shares of Huawei, the smartphone market, fell

Hawaii’s flagship phone brands P and Mate have been on the market since the beginning of this year Sale To stand. The subsidiary honor was already sold out in November 2020.

The phone market requires trading with companies such as Google, which makes the Android operating system for smartphones and many US chip makers. While Huawei is still trying to build its own chip locally, the company seems to be abandoning its ambitions in the luxury smartphone market.

However, the company released its own operating system in June, Harmony OS. Too late: Huawei’s market share has plummeted to 4 percent since the US siege.