Harry Styles Performs in Amsterdam, Fans Still Desperate for Tickets

Harry Styles Performs in Amsterdam, Fans Still Desperate for Tickets

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Harry Styles will perform tonight at the all-selling Ziggo Dome. The 28-year-old Briton is one of the most popular artists at the moment. Most of his young fans have been waiting in Amsterdam in some cases since last night for the moment they can get in. The entrance doors opened at 6:30 pm.

The fact that the singer is popular in our country is also evidenced by many people who are still looking for tickets. Nearly 30,000 people have searched or searched for tickets on the ticket exchange site Ticketswap, and tickets are also in demand on Twitter and the Ziggo Dome. However, fans don’t seem to feel much about giving up their tickets. About 3,000 tickets were shown and sold on Ticketswap as of 6:30 p.m.

“I think we could have filled the arena with all the fans who go to this party and want to go,” Ziggo manager Danny Daman points to the court across from his concert hall. His auditorium can seat approximately 15,000 people for a Styles concert, and nearly 70,000 fans are accepted into the sold-out concerts at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

“Today we had to upgrade our inquiry handling department,” the manager said. The majority of questions were, ‘Are there still tickets available? “But it’s really sold out.” There was room at the Ziggo Dome to schedule a concert for the singer tomorrow. Damman: “We could have had four concerts that ran out of it before him at the Ziggo Dome. But that’s impossible in the full tour schedule that Styles has.”

“I’m looking crazy”

People are also still searching for tickets on Twitter. So Writes Mom: “My teenage son is desperately looking for tex for Harry Styles (Zygo tonight). I’m as scared as a million others. No chance?” Foreign fans in the Netherlands are still hoping to get a ticket. So Writes One from Los Angeles, dedicating almost her entire Twitter account to the singer, saying that she is “desperate and only scammers seem to be selling tickets.” She is now at the Ziggo Dome hoping to get a ticket.

The vast majority of fans are women, says director Daman, who has watched from afar the streak have been growing longer and longer since noon. “It’s basically a concert with fixed seats, so they don’t have to be here too early. But they want to expand their experience.”

“They had to wait more than two years for this, because the concert was postponed due to Corona. They also make new friends in line or join other groups as a group.” He talks about “a King’s Day vibe coupled with Amsterdam Fashion Week”. “I have rarely seen elegantly dressed people in Zigo Dome.”

This can partly be explained by the singer’s clothing style. He often wears designer clothes that are plentiful and colorful.

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Styles became world famous as the lead singer of the boy band One Direction. The group members met at the UK version of the talent show The tenth factor And they were particularly successful with a young audience. After the band announced a break in 2015 and group member Zayn Malik resigned, the members continued as separate artists.

While all the members have achieved and succeeded to a greater or lesser extent, Styles is the most well known of them. solo as it was It broke the record for the most streamed single-day song ever (8.3 million) in the US in April and became one of the most played single-day songs worldwide. The video has been viewed more than 200 million times on YouTube.

still standing as it was Ranked highly in the international charts. In the Dutch Top 40, the song has been at #1 almost continuously for twelve weeks depth S10 kicked him out of number one for a week at the end of May. Styles has previously worked with watermelon sugar From 2019. He won a Grammy Award with her and the song has been listened to over 1.8 billion times on Spotify so far.

In addition to his career as an artist, the Briton is also an actor. He officially debuted in a war drama Dunkirk From 2017. This year two films in which he plays leading roles will be released.

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