“As long as my kids go to school and play sports, I see no harm in games”

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Sure, there’s an occasional fuss about screens, but most moms are secretly thrilled that these things exist. As well as Fatima (34), Umm Sini (6) and Samira (2).

“My parents used to always turn on the TV and screen time It wasn’t there, although it was close to having no smartphones or tablets. Sene has been fascinated by all things electronic devices since he was two years old; from U.S phones And laptops to oven lights and dishwasher.

screen time

I didn’t put a clear limit on how long he could see screens. He went to nursery all day and after that to school, and had been playing with friends every day since he was four; He doesn’t have much time left paw patrol Or videos about animals.

On Fridays, my husband always plays FIFA on X-Box† If Senne also wants to do it with her boyfriend during the week, that’s fine. Sometimes I feel happy that my hands are free for Samira. She doesn’t show any interest in my phone at all and only watches fifteen minutes of TV with her brother.

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let’s play

I don’t know if I will tighten the rules. If it’s an epiphany, perhaps, but when is it? As long as they go to school and daycare during the week, exercise on the weekends and also play outside, I see no harm in relaxing. There are still a lot of educational videos. Thanks to Maine Craft My sister’s ten year old children speak English fluently.”

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