“Harry and Meghan are welcomed on the balcony during the Queen’s party” | the Royal family

"Harry and Meghan are welcomed on the balcony during the Queen's party" |  the Royal family

This is because Harry and Meghan, who traveled to The Hague on Friday for the Invictus Games, are no longer performing official duties for the royal family. The couple gave up their royal titles in recent years and put all their royal duties on hold. As a result, they should not play a central role in the festivities anymore.

For example, Sussex should not be located in color forcesA party in honor of the Queen’s birthday. However, they are allowed to appear at family events, such as the service at St Paul’s Cathedral and on the balcony while the British Air Force is overhead.

Lightning visit

Last Thursday, Harry and Meghan stopped during their trip to the Netherlands for a whirlwind visit to Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and the Duchess Camilla at Windsor Castle. It was the prince’s first time since Philip’s funeral, just over a year ago, that he and the three of them were in the same room. Meghan last saw her in-laws in March 2020, shortly before the couple moved to North America.

The four-day weekend in honor of the 70th anniversary will take place next year from June 2-5. The 96-year-old Queen is trying to attend as many events as possible, but it is questionable whether this is possible due to her health. Since Elizabeth had to spend a night in the hospital last fall and also had back problems, she had to cancel some public appearances. This caused not only disappointment, but also speculation about her fragile health.

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