Halo Infinite will no longer have co-op campaign and Forge level editor at launch – Games – News

Developer 343 Industries has announced that the co-op campaign mode and Forge level editor for Halo Infinite have been delayed until after release. The studio wants to focus on single-player mode and casual multiplayer first.

343 Industries announces the postponement of these modes During the August development updateThe company also stated that it is “100 percent committed” to launching Halo Infinite by the holidays. A release date for the game hasn’t been set yet, but the studio says it’ll be sharing it “very soon.”

according to head of creativity Joseph Staten needs a Forge mode delay and a co-op feature for the single-player campaign to ensure the quality of the core game at release. Both features will be introduced in later “seasons” of Halo Infinite. The co-op feature is currently slated to appear in Season 2, with Forge to follow in Season 3.

343 Industries says it plans to release a new season every three months. With that said, the campaign co-op will likely be available three months after release and a Forge mode will likely be added after six months.

Campaign co-op and Forge are both familiar features of many previous Halo games. Co-op feature allows multiple players to work through the single player campaign together. Forge is a level editor that allows users to customize, save, and share multiplayer maps.

The full Halo Infinite game was previously delayed; The game was initially scheduled to be released late last year, but 343 Industries decided to take the title To postpone for a year. Recently, 343 industries The first private multiplayer beta for Halo Infinite, which included an Arena mode with bots, among other things. Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free upon release, but players will be required to pay for the single player campaign. The game will be released for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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