Christina Curry under fire at De Alleskunner VIPS | to watch

Christina Curry under fire at De Alleskunner VIPS |  to watch

Over 600,000 viewers watched the first episode of Multi-level VIPs. Jodi Bernal, Tatum Daglilet, Charlie Lusk, and Christina Curry, among others, took on the challenge on the gaming show. However, the latter was so fanatical that she was horrified when she lost.

This happened in a game in which the participants had to cross the finish line with two seats. However, there was a problem: they were not allowed to touch the ground. Curry was already frustrated that her team hadn’t won yet, but when she faltered at the start of the game and had to leave the show, she freaked out. Words like “Damn!” , “Cancer Mess” and “The Vagina Game,” among others. The trash also had to pay for it: Carrie kicked her with a lot of anger.

After Carrie calmed down, she told her story in front of the camera. I wanted to start stacking and I actually made a mistake because I saw people slipping out of the corner of my eye. And then my feet had already crossed the line and left a little. So sorry about that. Oops,” Carrie laughed.

Carey also wore penance on Instagram. “Sorry for my language tonight. I got so nervous/overstimulated/I desperately wanted not to fail (even if it was a game, I wanted so badly not to fail and exacerbate my frustration). It was not my intention to hurt anyone. Like every human, I make mistakes. Sometimes (although this gets a lot better after a few years), but in the end I’m a very nice person. I’ll definitely be better at my words in the future,” she wrote to my nearly 43,000 followers.

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Apologies offered or not my viewers Multi-level VIPs They were not at all happy with Carrie’s insults. Some people questioned why SBS didn’t choose to peek at the swearing, and other viewers were particularly pissed off at Carey’s comments. Yesterday #dealleskunner was in contact with my patient in the oncology department. Christina Curry passes on being cursed about six times with cancer because she falls off a chair. So painful. Not that fall, but I saw something break in my patient.’And another viewer: Not an ordinary curry! Embarrassing you!’

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