Haiti’s death toll adjusted again, more than 2,100 dead

Haiti's death toll adjusted again, more than 2,100 dead

The death toll from last Saturday’s earthquake in Haiti has risen again. Authorities are now talking about 2,189 deaths – 1,941 deaths were reported on Tuesday. Emergency services have recovered more bodies from the rubble in recent days.

The hard-hit country was also hit by Tropical Storm Grace earlier this week. International aid workers sounded the alarm. Hospitals in the worst affected areas are unable to assist patients due to the natural disaster and there is a serious shortage of medical equipment. About 12,000 people were injured and another 30,000 families were displaced. Emergency aid is slow to start.

Our country is physically and mentally devastated.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry admitted that the natural disaster “brought the Caribbean nation to its knees”. “Our country is devastated, both physically and mentally,” Henry said. He said the south, in particular, was hit hard. The prime minister said he did not want to end the search for survivors yet.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on his government to come up with a coordinated approach. Yesterday, Henry vowed that the authorities would not repeat the mistakes made in 2010. That year a violent earthquake struck the country. The money raised internationally was not going to reach the victims at the time.

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