Haitian prosecutor will investigate the assassination of two presidents and two former senators

A Haitian prosecutor on Friday summoned two presidents, Reginald Poulos and Dmitry Worp, and former opposition senators Yuri Ladordue and Steven Benoit to testify in the assassination of President Joanel Moyes.

All four of Jovnell Moyes’ opponents were summoned by Bed-Ford Claude, attorney for the first event of the Port-au-Prince next Monday.

Poros, who owns a joint venture between the companies and Vorpe, who owns the company that controls the electricity sector, has been accused by the Moise government of financing struggles that have destabilized the country since 2018.

Former Senator Steven Benoit has questioned the official version of the assassination in several interviews, and said Moyes was killed by his own security forces.

The public prosecutor has summoned four police and military leaders responsible for the security of Jovnell Moisin to testify next week.

Haitian police confirm that the attack was carried out by an order of 28 people, 26 of whom were Colombians and two of Haitian descent.

So far, 20 people have been arrested for their direct involvement in the attack, including 18 Colombians and two Americans.

The Colombian government confirmed that many of the detainees were ex-servicemen and offered its cooperation to Haitian authorities in the investigation.

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