Colombia, who was arrested for the assassination of the President of Haiti, has released photos of the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

One of the Colombians was accused of being a member of the command Haitian President Jovnell Moyes has been assassinated He posted the photos on social media in early June in the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo.

Prisoner, Manuel Antonio Grosso Quaran, He was identified by Colombian Senator Gustavo Bolivar through his Twitter account.

On June 6, Crozo Quaran Posted a series of photos on his Facebook profile Colonial Zone in the Dominican Capital, Porto Walk, Columbus Lighthouse and various tourist attractions in front of the National Palace.

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Crozo Guaran, one of fifteen Colombians detained in Haitií, was captured by the public in Port-au-Prince this Thursday and handed over to police at the Passion-Ville police station, according to images captured by an EFE agency photographer.

Haitian Police It said the order to kill President Moyes consisted of 28 people 26 are Colombians Two more are Haitian Americans.

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The Colombian government on Thursday confirmed that several detainees were ex-servicemen and told Haitian authorities of its cooperation, providing information about the alleged implication and their trip to Haiti.

So far, Dominican officials have said they have no information about the killers being transported through Dominican territory.

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