Haas F1 submits request to amend United States GP results due to track limitations

Haas dient verzoek in om resultaten GP Verenigde Staten te herzien vanwege track limits

The Formula 1 Grand Prix of America has come to an end. The race in Texas took place two weeks ago, but Haas has officially asked the FIA ​​to review the results and request changes where necessary. The team of Nico Hülkenberg and Kevin Magnussen believe that exceeding the track limits is not controlled enough.

The Formula 1 circus was at the Circuit of the Americas two weeks ago. Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix there. Lando Norris was classified second after Lewis Hamilton’s disqualification, while Carlos Sainz completed the podium. Charles Leclerc was also disqualified. Exceeding track limits was one of the main topics of the event, with a Mercedes and a Ferrari eliminated from the results due to over-worn floorboards. For example, Verstappen lost pole position after going over the limit at the final point in qualifying. During Sunday’s race, 35 lap times were eventually removed, but only Alexander Alban received a five-second time penalty, and he remained in P9.

Cut off turn 6 at COTA

After the United States Grand Prix, it was said that the FIA ​​could not control the track limits everywhere. Lando Norris admitted to the media that he used it in Turn 6 on the circuit in Austin. “I know they can’t punish me because they’ve set the precedent in previous rounds that if you can’t be good, you can get away with it.” The FIA ​​had to accept criticism from fans after the weekend in America Internal images He came out from Perez who cut Turn 6 as well. It is not known whether the track limits were actually 35 times higher or if they were actually more frequent but were not noticed by the stewards, but Haas is very keen to investigate.

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Does Haas have enough new and relevant information?

Haas has therefore submitted an official request to the FIA ​​to investigate the results of the United States Grand Prix. Teams have 14 days to submit such a request, and since the race in Texas took place 13 days ago, Jean Haas and Günther Steiner’s racing position is timely. The next step is to determine the time it will take the waitresses to fulfill this request. The hearing will first be conducted to determine whether Haas has sufficient new and relevant information to allow the decision to be reconsidered. If so, it will be investigated. Aston Martin made a similar claim after the Austrian Grand Prix and with success: Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll both moved up one place and were classified fifth and ninth at the Red Bull Ring. Hulkenberg qualified eleventh in the US but hopes to earn points for Germany with potential penalties for other drivers.

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