Guus Meeuwis is all set for his New York party: ‘Feels good’

Guus Meeuwis in New York (foto: Jan Burgmans).

When Brabant falls asleep, Guus Meeuwis destroys Webster Hall in New York. “I’ve been there for a few days and I’m feeling good. I’m really looking forward to it,” Moyes says excitedly. It’ll be a Brabant night, but New York will not be forgotten, opening the concert with a classic Frank Sinatra: “New York, New York.”

On Thursday, we checked at Webster Hall if enough beer had been stocked, because it was finished in the middle of the party in London and Paris. Until now, the cities of the world were not ready for a real Brabant party.

“We questioned whether we should change plans.”

Three years ago, Guus Meeuwis announced a concert in New York. It sold out immediately and a second was added quickly. But the anniversary ceremony was postponed twice due to Corona. “Something has changed in the world. And that makes it so special that it can go on now,” says Mewes on the streets of New York.

“We had doubts about whether we should change plans or do things differently. But the people who bought a ticket three years ago were so excited, happy and patient that we were happy to keep everything going.”

“You can get to know the people of Brabant at a glance.”

And now it’s time. Although Guus has been in New York for a few days, he has yet to sing Brabant in his hotel room. “No, I memorize everything for Friday and Saturday,” he laughs. “A few hours before the concert, we go into the auditorium to check the sound and then Brabant will sound for the first time.”

Americans have no idea who’s coming to Webster Hall, Gus knows that too. But in recent days, the number of five-year-olds has increased in the city of 8.5 million people. You can get to know the people of Brabant at a glance. It’s good to be a part of that.”

“We will start the party because it can only be done here.”

The Dutch traveling after Guus, according to de Brabander, are still distinguished. But what is the ambition to perform in all these global cities? “Nothing but a shirt. It started with the Royal Albert Hall, which finally worked after two years of contact. And then gradually it became a shirt for London, Paris and New York. And that shirt is here now.”

At eight o’clock American time, two o’clock in the morning Dutch time, the concert begins in America. “Of course we’ll play a lot with ourselves, after all it’s my anniversary. But we’ll touch on the NYC theme in all kinds of ways. We’ll start the party because it can only be done here.” Guus Meeuwis . begins ‘Start spreading the news…’ to grumble. “We have jackets with us, so they have to go through Webster Hall pretty hard.”

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