Gundogan’s return to work: There’s nothing to be ashamed of

Volt expels Gundogan Chamber faction after 13 reports of unwanted behavior

This is what Gundogan (44) said in an interview with telegraph† She will be back in the room tomorrow as “The Gundogan Member”. Gundoğan was suspended by Volt in February after reports of dissenting behaviour. Then Gundogan went to the judge, who agreed with her. But things got out of hand and Volt eventually kicked her out of the party.

Lies and slander

She had previously indicated that she wanted to go back to her old party, should her name be cleared. But that option is now definitely off the table, she says. She describes the accusations of her former party members as lying and slanderous.

“Oh, there are a lot of opinions and stories about me, but I like to stick to the facts,” she says. She says no one, except for members of her group, has heard her scream or seen her “playing unreasonably”.

“I can defend myself endlessly, but the statements made are all anonymous. And the few who put his name on them say ‘You didn’t do that to me.'”

“Carry Lazarus in a taxi”

She also attacked Volt leader Lorenz Dassin in the interview. “They accuse me that I drank once in Lisbon. So why weren’t we told that Lauren was also taken in La Za Ross taxi? Because you only have one motive, and that’s to hurt me.”

Gündoğan will return to work tomorrow for the first time. It will focus on the topics of finance, democracy and rule of law and will divide itself to the center left on the political spectrum. “But on the progressive side. Somewhere between PvdA and D66.”


When asked if she dreaded meeting her ex-Vault party members again in the corridors, she replied, “No, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I hope they start to feel a little uncomfortable.”

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