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Green talks Russia, Ukraine and North Korea recognize "republics" |  Currently regularly gives you an overview of the situation in Ukraine. This time: talks between the military delegations of Ukraine and Russia in Istanbul on the safe export of Ukrainian grain have not yet produced any tangible result. Furthermore, North Korea has recognized the two self-proclaimed “republics” of eastern Ukraine as independent states.

This is the first time since the end of March that the two sides meet face to face. The official Russian news agency said that a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said Russia had submitted proposals for a “quick practical solution”, without elaborating. tast† A UN spokesperson described the consultations as “positive,” the news agency reported Reuters

Ukraine and Russia together account for at least a third of global wheat production. However, the war in that country impedes the export of Ukrainian grain leading to food shortages elsewhere in the world. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been making efforts for some time to secure safe shipping routes for cargo ships through the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea.

Ukrainian refugees think they can’t go back right now

The majority of Ukrainian refugees would like to return home as soon as possible, but they also believe that return is not possible for the time being. In a poll conducted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, two thirds of the refugees surveyed expressed their expectation that the situation in Ukraine would not be safe enough in the coming months.

Only 16% of those surveyed plan to return home within two months. Most of them come from the west of the country or from the regions around Kiev. Fighting continues to be fierce between the Ukrainian and Russian armies, especially in the east. People who have not yet returned are waiting for the situation to improve or the fighting to stop completely.

North Korea recognizes “republics” in eastern Ukraine

North Korea has recognized the two self-proclaimed “republics” of eastern Ukraine as independent states. North Korea is the third country to recognize the breakaway states of Donetsk and Luhansk, after Russia and Syria.

Donetsk leader Denis Pushlin said via Telegram that he hopes for fruitful cooperation with North Korea and more trade. His embassy in Moscow published a photo of a ceremony in which the North Korean ambassador to Russia presented a certificate of appreciation to the Donetsk envoy.

The North Korean embassy in Moscow later confirmed that it recognized the independence of the two countries. Russia did so shortly before the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Ukraine says it will cut ties with North Korea.

Germany will soon stop using coal from Russia

Germany will stop buying Russian coal from August 1 and will stop buying Russian oil on December 31. German Deputy Finance Minister Jörg Kukes said on Wednesday at the Sydney Energy Forum. Until recently, Russia supplied Germany with 40 percent of its coal and oil, according to Kukies.

Cookies said continuing to take coal and oil from Russia is not an option. “Anyone who knows the history of the Druzhba oil pipeline, which was already an instrument of the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe, knows that it is necessary to free yourself from this dependence.”

According to the deputy minister, the gas supply is a challenge. He is deeply concerned about “the huge vacuum that will be created if the European Union gets rid of the 158 billion cubic meters of gas that Russia supplies annually.”

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